Resolve Technologies’ innovative UI/UX designers are masters in creating a diverse spectrum of user interfaces. We work to understand your business aims and create the ideal solution, optimised for user experience. Our UI/UX designs are tailored to suit your brand’s unique identity, with every element specifically chosen to provide a seamless experience for your clients and build your brand’s reputation.

Our user interface/ user experience design process:

  1. Our UI/UX development team works to understand your brand, business goals, and aims and objectives for the product.
  2. We perform a case study analysis to identify user pain points and industry best practices.
  3. Our team conducts competitor analysis, identifying gaps in the market and areas of opportunity. 
  4. We audit any existing websites or apps to discover areas to be improved on.
  5. We develop information architecture and map user experience to create low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes as per your design portfolio.
  6. Our professionals set a visual direction, create mood boards and concepts of the key screens. 
  7. We perform a motion graphic check of the interface behavior on different devices, carrying iconography and illustrations.
  8. The final UI/UX product is developed using our library of high-end user interface elements.
  9. A review is carried out and recommendations forwarded to the development team.
  10.  At every step, we ensure that your business objectives are being met, while keeping the user experience always in mind.

The quality of our UI/UX design not only distinguishes your business from competitors but also gains the trust of the Google bots, resulting in overall better visibility and leads.

Post-development, we track the design’s efficiency and success in achieving the stated objectives. We quickly respond to execute any changes required. Our user interface and user experience (UI/UX) solutions ensure frictionless engagement with your target audience.

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