Our hosting solutions are secure and well supported round the clock. Whether it is a website or email hosting service or a Cloud file server, our team of experts will audit, strategize, recommend and implement solutions based on your businesses’ needs.

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Shared Web hosting

A shared web hosting is one of the most popular and cost effective hosting options available. Based on the requirements of your website that would include level of security, number of email accounts, data transfer capabilities, disk space, etc. our experts would be happy to recommend and implement an ideal shared hosting solution for your specific website needs.

Dedicated server hosting

A dedicated web hosting solution is ideal for websites that require vaster storage space, face high volume of traffic and are looking for enhanced security. As the sole owner of a particular web server you get uninterrupted service and enjoy greater control. A dedicated web hosting, allows for wider compatibility and the ability to define software specification, databases, number of email accounts, file storage capacity and operating systems as per your business objectives.

Email solutions

Businesses send and receive thousands of emails every day and managing them can be quite a task. Ensuring your emails are proficient and come across as credible requires an effective email management solution. We help you choose an effective e-mail management tool to help you get rid of information overload, prioritize messages and organize email workflows in an efficient way. Our solutions will also help you in managing email archives for fast search and retrieval.

Website Security Audit

Potential threats to your website such as hackers and malware, can be disastrous to your business. At times you could also be unaware of the fact that your website security has been compromised. A website security audit allows you to recognise these potential threats and act on it. Our team of security experts conduct a thorough audit of your website infrastructure, from its core software to extensions, themes, server settings, SSL connection, configurations, etc. to give you a detailed report of risks posed and how any anomalies can be rectified.

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