Building a custom application for your business

Technology today, continues to be more accessible and affordable to organizations. With the help of technology, no matter how big or small your business, you are in a position to streamline operational processes with the right digital tools. Be it through third party softwares or digital apps, there has never been a better time for your business to dive into a digital transformation. Relying on third party code, applications or devices definitely does come at the cost of granting access to sensitive information and reliability issues.


Back in the day, a typical organization relied on multiple software solutions to run the different processes of a business. Independent solutions made by different providers would manage inventory, accounting, human resources, payroll, supply chain, security, customer transactions, etc. With customized applications, businesses now have the ability to centralize this data enabling every department and process in the organization to use a single common interface ensuring better use of data, reducing lag and improving business effectiveness.


This is why most organizations are now opting for creating custom business applications. A customized solution is built for your specific needs. This puts your business on the path of innovation, productivity and constant improvement. Just like any investment made, custom applications do come at a cost, but over time there are significant tangible benefits seen that are listed here below.


Building a custom application for your business

  • Better Employee Productivity

    Your employees are looking for a simple and better way to work. A robust custom built applications gives your team’s workflow better direction allowing them to achieve more. Custom built applications help unify data and reduce the number of spreadsheets your team has to go through. The custom built app is built to your business specifications and needs, eliminating other features that you would otherwise get with an off the shelf app. Use of a customized modern tool that lends flexibility and improves efficiency, leads to more engaged employees.

  • Simpler Maintenance

    Once you have a custom built application, maintaining it is far simpler than an off the shelf solution. The custom built application is built based on your needs. It has the flexibility to scale based on your business growth.Upgrades and enhancements are implemented within the minimal possible time ensuring that your business, employees and customer base are not adversely affected.

  • Secure and Reliable

    When your business has its own custom based application, your information security is far less compromised. Off the shelf applications are usually common hunting grounds for hackers because of the data they could get access to from multiple companies. Customized applications also gives you control on what security protocols should be integrated keeping in mind your business needs and costs.

    Custom based apps are usually supported by a well versed and dedicated team ensuring that any technical issues are handled with the minimum of fuss. Continuity of support is maintained for the lifetime of your customized application.

  • Seamless Integration

    With a custom developed software application, the various processes in your business workflow can speak to each other. This compatibility ensures that efficiency and productivity is always maintained. Custom applications can also be designed to integrate existing applications that are key to your business. Based on your needs, skills and habits the application can be designed to function similar to solutions that you are already used to.

  • Improve Mobility

    Having a custom based application gives you the flexibility to choose if it is designed for larger screens or mobile devices. Applications that are easily accessible on mobile devices give your business a modern and an up to date feel. A mobile ready application also gives your employees flexibility to access processes when they are on the move and away from their desks.



We believe that a custom based application is a great way to take any business to the next level. Are you thinking of deploying a custom based application for your business? Or maybe you are unsure if your business needs a web based solution? We at Resolve Technologies are here to help you analyze your requirements and deliver a solution that works for you and your team.

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